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Dissociation & Trauma

Dissociation is the separation of normally related mental processes, resulting in one group functioning independently from the rest, leading in extreme cases to disorders such as dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder is defined as a disturbance in the normal integrative function of memory, identity, and self, and it is the only mental disorder with two or more distinct personality states. (Chu, 2011). Dissociation is a God-given coping mechanism that all humans use to one degree or another in order to navigate discomfort and trauma. While dissociation can help us to survive trauma, it typically leads to fragmentation in cases of moderate to severe trauma. This is why dissociative issues will result from heavy trauma, especially when that trauma is experienced in early childhood, typically before the age of seven. Not all dissociation results in alternate personalities, but severe and repetitive trauma beginning in early childhood will cause the individual to dissociate into alternate personality states. The ability to dissociate this way can become problematic when it begins to impair normal and healthy functions necessary for life. Understanding the connection between dissociation and brokenness is a highway to accelerated ministry in the realm of inner healing and deliverance.

Credit to Dr. Preston Bailey

Dissociative Continuum

Types of Fragmentation

Dissociation identity disorder is extremely complex in the way it manifests. In our work, we look at man as body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Based on this foundation, we have observed three main types of fragmentation.

Types of Fragmentation

This is the most common type of fragmentation. These are pieces of soul that have split in order to cope with trauma. They are essentially pieces of consciousness. They can exist at different stages across the dissociative continuum referenced below. Not every soul fragment in a person with dissociative identity disorder will necessary exist as a fully self-aware alternate personality state (alter). In people that do not have dissociative identity disorder, they are still exhibiting soul fragmentation in varying degrees. There is a spectrum of severity and significance when it comes to soul fragmentation.

Soul-Spirit Fragments

With major splits during severe trauma, sometimes a part that is soul will split and be joined a piece of the person’s spirit. These fragments are particularly good at operating autonomously, both inside and outside of the person’s body. These types of alters will be very significant and strong. In a crisis moment, this type of alter can even replace the part of the person that was formerly responsible for living life.

Spirit Fragments

While this is hard to imagine, Psalm 51:17 says, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” The word translated broken is the Hebrew word shabar, which means to break in pieces or to shatter. Certain traumas go deep enough to shatter not only the soul, but also the spirit. When extremely severe trauma has been endured by a person, it is not uncommon to find that the spirit also exists in pieces.

Types of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is far more prevalent than many people would like to imagine. For survivors of SRA, most are dissociated from their experiences. It may take decades for a survivor to surface memories or to begin to understand that SRA is part of his background. For this reason, the abuse and trauma during rituals remain hidden even from those who are involved. Some people that have endured SRA do not come from families that openly present as Satanists. Others do come from families that are openly into witchcraft or Satanism.

Many survivors of SRA come from families that are deeply involved in various secret societies such as Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, Eastern Star, Rosicrucianism, and a long list of others. These families can often appear to be very respectable externally. Some survivors of SRA have a difficult time reconciling the societal standing of their family with the memories they begin to recover.

Satanic Ritual Abuse can occur in a number of locations. It can take place in basements, in secluded locations, in fields on private property, in the woods, in barns, and just about any place where the cult is able to keep its activities from being discovered. For some families, a majority of their rituals will actually occur out of the body in other realms. These realms can include places in outer space or under the water. Some cults have more influence in government and military than others. For this reason, some cults enjoy an incredible amount of immunity. They also enjoy access to facilities such as hospitals, universities, and military bases. Connections can also provide some cults with access to high-level technologies and mind control drugs that will assist them in their activities.

Rituals will include subjection to blood and sex rituals in order to conjure up evil spirits. It can involve animal and human sacrifice. Rituals can include incantations, marriage ceremonies between adults and children, and marriages between people and evil entities. There will be horrible physical trauma that does along with SRA, such as physical or sexual abuse. Further, survivors are often forced to consume fecal matter and urine of animals or humans. The rituals are so horrific that children completely dissociate from them just to survive, which is why many people are unable to remember their involvement until much later in life.

Cult loyal alters will be created in the process of traumatizing people through SRA. These fragmented parts of a person will internalize the belief system of the cult and will cooperate with evil agendas. These parts can switch out and take the person to rituals and cause them to do horrible things. Inner healing and deliverance is the only way to solve the problem of cult loyal parts, as they cannot be cast out like demons.

In recent times, a continually increasing number of survivors are coming forward and discussing their involvement in government-sponsored mind control agendas in the US, Australia, Germany, and a long list of other nations. Two accounts were detailed in Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance Formation of America” and Brice Taylor’s “Thank You For the Memories”. In popular culture, movies like “Manchurian Candidate” and “Jason Bourne” are examples of what government mind control agendas look like. Each year, the CIA is disclosing more classified projects validating the stories of survivors who were implicated in these projects.

The link between Dissociative Identity Disorder and government mind control projects is undeniable. DID is the mechanism by which these agendas can be executed. Once an individual learns to dissociate as a coping mechanism, he/she can then be programmed by his/her programmers and/or handlers.

Programmers are individuals in a cult or government organization that use various techniques and technologies to create trauma, fragment the mind, and install belief systems and/or demonic overlays into the individual. It is common practice to merge the occult with technological programming techniques. Handlers are people that will maintain an environment of control and/or abuse in an individual’s life in order to make it difficult or impossible to escape the situation.

Programming is done by introducing trauma which will cause the individual to split. The dissociated fragments of the soul and/or spirit are then given an identity, a belief system, a job, unique physical and linguistic abilities, and whatever else is needed to accomplish the programmers’ objectives.

Institutions that we interact with every day are often complicit in these agendas, including Hospitals, Colleges/Universities, Military Bases, Religious organizations, and the occult.

The highest level of mind control is executed by a cult known as the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a group of families that trace their history back to thirteen root bloodlines. Illuminati families work in direct collaboration with fallen heavenly powers in order to advance Luciferian agendas in the earth. While there are people that claim to be initiated into the Illuminati, this is unlikely to be true. The true Illuminati is based entirely on bloodlines.

When it comes to Illuminati programming, it will involve satanic ritual abuse. The individual will be subjected to a vigorous schedule of rituals, torture, rape, deprivation, and unmentionable horrors. This abuse will be executed in tandem with government-sponsored mind control projects. Illuminati programming is extremely complex and is designed and overseen by non-human intelligence. An Illuminati survivor will be implicated with other realms, dimensions, ages, and timelines. The trauma is so extensive that it is not uncommon for an Illuminati mind control survivor to have hundreds of thousands of fragments. Some survivors can have millions of fragments. Only a portion of these parts will remain with the physical body.

When Illuminati mind control is present, it will mean that the individual does not have a pure human genetic code. All Illuminati survivors will have non-human genetic markers, which serve as the backdoor to many of the spiritual problems they face. They will have parts scattered throughout the multiverse and across various timelines and dimensions.

Illuminati survivors will also be interfaced with a large number of heavenly powers. These heavenly powers will hold parts of them prisoner in their realms. They will be interfaced with computers that are both on and off planet through the quantum field. These computers can generate digital realms that hold their fragments hostage. Their bondage will often be reinforced by the presence of various types of implants including nanotech implants, liquid crystals, torture implants, audio implants, and more. Illuminati mind control always includes the presence of high-level technologies that mainstream science does not acknowledge exists. Overcoming Illuminati programming is the most difficult type of programming to heal from and requires extensive interventions with the power of God.

Signs I have DID?


Dissociative identity disorder is a complex condition to diagnosis because of the nature of symptoms.  Signs of Split Personality Disorder can mask as so many other conditions that it may be difficult for a Split Personality Disorder survivor to pinpoint the root cause of their issues.  The disorder is so misunderstood that some psychologist are skeptical of its existence.  People suffering from Split Personality Disorder are often misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, biopolar, or psychosis. Moreover, the nature of the disorder makes it hard for suffers to want to connect with the memories or trauma that caused their dissociation.  Those dealing with Split Personality Disorder often want to dissociation from the condition itself, making it even harder to diagnosis. To help, we have compiled a list of some obvious and hidden signs of Split Personality Disorder.  

People with DID and those around them often notice sudden swings in mood, temperament, or emotions on any given day. These swings can be drastic and without cause, indicating that the person may be switching to another identity. DID suffers can find themselves happy one moment then crying hysterically the next with little change in external circumstance.

At the heart of dissociation is the desire to forget painful and traumatic memories. These memories, however, can sometimes break through the dissociation unintentionally. Constant flashbacks of things that happen in ones past that a one does not remember is a sign of DID. Moreover, those with DID seem to “find” memories of themselves at a certain event or interacting with others that they do not remember, particularly if they are painful or traumatic.

DID survivors often find themselves dealing with demonic possession/oppression. This happens when broken, tortured, or abused alters are intentionally or unintentionally layered with demonic oppression or bondage with parts or alters. If you are a Christian and have participated in numerous deliverance sessions and still are not free, you may have a deep issue of fragmentation which must be addressed for total healing.

When DID survivors switch parts, the part at the surface may be in control of the body and interact as its own distinct personality. The presenter may not be aware of what the part is doing for a period of minutes, hours, or days. Survivors often describe this phenomenon as losing time or blacking out. When the presenter reappears, he or she often cannot given an account of their actions or whereabouts.

The trauma associated with dissociation often involves sexual abuse at a young age and can continue throughout ones life. This sexual abuse often creates sex alters who come to the surface during sexual intercourse, allowing other parts of the person to escape. DID survivors may have an addiction, fear, anxiety, or an inability to connect during sex.

Derealization is the feeling that someone’s reality, surroundings, or external world is not real.

Depersonalisation can mean a survivor detaches from ones own mind or body. Those who depersonalize often consider themselves as a detached observer of oneself.

DID survivors may suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts as a result of trying to cope and deal with their condition.

Those with DID may have an impaired ability to cope with life circumstance and deal with the memories that surface. Some turn to substances to help deal with pain and anxiety.

1. Switching from one personality to another- Switching occurs when two or more personalities or personality states are at the surface or near the surface and change back and forth. This can result in a loss of time or an amnesiac fugue episode.

2. Physical symptoms that have no medical cause

3. Unusual physical changes such as change of eye color, etc.

4. Body memories

5. Self-mutilation

6. Change in voices

7. Change in handwriting

8. Frequent or intense headaches

9. Eating disorders

10. Difficulty in swallowing

11. Unusual pain in sexual organs

12. Scarring of genital organs and rectum

13. Frequent urinary infections

14. Night terrors

15. Temporary paralysis

16. Unusual change in eyesight or visual problems

17. Immune system deficiency

18. Unusual body scars

19. Choking sensation

1. Sense of helplessness

2. Sense of hopelessness

3. Sense of shame

4. Guilt complex

5. Low sense of self-worth

6. Abreactions

7. Intense affect- emotions that come to the surface

8. Unhealthy focus on death

9. Borderline traits- lack of healthy boundaries

10. Personality changes

11. Unusual fears

12. Lack of normal childhood memories

13. Unusual compulsions

14. Frequent introspection

15. Difficulty in relationships

1. Fear and anger towards God

2. Fear of Jesus

3. Fear of the Lord’s Supper

4. Sense of feeling demon possessed

5. Strong sense of the presence of evil

6. Trouble reading the Bible

7. Trouble praying

8. Unhealthy attitudes towards Christianity