Response to Accusation Against Bride Ministries


Opening Thoughts

It has been a year and a half since Carolyn Hamlett broke ties with me, BRIDE Ministries, and my associates. This extended period of time has given me the opportunity to contemplate the unfortunate series of events that transpired beginning in late 2016. I have arrived at what I believe is a relatively complete understanding of what transpired, and I believe that I owe it to my followers and those that support us to provide this perspective. I also believe I owe it to those that are coming across derogatory information about me and our organization, who have been left to decide for themselves what to believe without access to an extended official response. After a year and a half of relative silence on the malicious attacks and slander that she and her associate, Loren Grace, have vaulted against me and our organization, I am finally going to address the attacks, and provide some explanations that I believe are in order. At the outset of my commentary, I will plainly state a few things that simply need to be said. I am not doing this for myself, my ego, or to save face. There are thousands that support us, and our organization is stronger than ever. It doesn’t bother me that there was an attempt to drag my name and the name of our organization through the mud by writing and speaking against the things which I have been called to do. Others have taken content from Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace and produced YouTube videos against me. Also, this doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind if people disagree with me or the things I teach, I believe that this is their prerogative. What does bother me is that people continue to find libel published about me, my friends, and the ministry God has called me to build without a public response to the accusations. While I do not regret choosing to let God be my defender for the past year and a half, I do regret not sticking up for my friends. I also feel that I owe a debt to the survivors that have only received one side of a story and for this reason were scared away from resources and community that could have made a difference in their lives.

The Reality that Everyone should know

1. I considered Carolyn Hamlett to be a very close friend. I worked with her to minister inner healing and deliverance between the years of 2013 and 2016. We spent countless hours undoing the programming she had received from the organization she was born into and government projects. I never charged her a dime and was never compensated for the work I did with her. Loren Grace was my first paying client and I began working with her in 2014 and continued until Spring of 2016, when she chose to stop working with me. The private details of things that came up during our sessions will not be divulged during this commentary, and all of my comments will be restricted to those things which have already been acknowledged by them publicly. Regardless of how a client or survivor smears me, I would never publish intimate details, tying their names and stories to our work together without their express consent.
2. Both Carolyn and Loren have publicly testified to being survivors of satanic ritual abuse and also government sponsored mind control programming. My heart breaks for them over this fact, as it does over every survivor that we work to help at BRIDE Ministries. However, as with all survivors, they have had parts which include soul fragments, spirit fragments, and fragments that are a combination of soul and spirit. Whenever a person is shattered in this way, these parts can have programming or inlaid demonization that can be triggered to make them do things that are within the objectives of the powers of darkness.
3. Carolyn was raised in an organization that programmed their people to take down ministries. This is evidenced by her mother, who was trained to infiltrate ministries and take them down, which Carolyn publicly testified to on my podcast. In other words, she was trained by abusers in the kingdom of darkness to destroy ministries that the powers of darkness deemed a threat. It is important to note that many ministers who have begun a journey towards helping survivors have endured public attacks and accusations by the survivors they tried to help, and for this reason, some of them have quit. I have met some of these people and heard some of their stories. The sad truth is that when a survivor gets triggered to carry out a program to take down a ministry, it is typically the case that the survivor isn’t in full control of their actions and will even believe they are being led by God. Those on the receiving end of these attacks often internalize it as a personal failure, or a failure of God to step in, and can be left in a very low place after the attack has been executed.

Steps to Take down a ministry through division

The enemy can and does use infiltrators, which can be well-meaning but triggered survivors, to take down ministries. Before going further, I am going to lay down a systematic strategy for taking a ministry down with an infiltrator. Another survivor, who has been featured on my podcast and who has publicly testified to being programmed to take down a ministry, has fully agreed with the points I am about to share with you. After explaining the strategy, I am going to overlay the series of events that transpired between me and Carolyn Hamlett, and by extension, Loren Grace, with that strategy. Afterwards, I am going to address some actual accusations.

1. Get close to the leadership or become a leader yourself within the targeted organization.

2. Bring accusation against the man or woman of God at the head of the ministry and promote slander and gossip against them.

3. Try to take as many people as possible out of agreement with the leader over the organization, urging them to leave with or without an actual solution as to what they should do.

4. Make the case against the leadership an ultimatum and force people to make a choice while providing no room for reconciliation with the leader. Paint a portrait of the leader that is beyond redemption and beyond hope. Generate an atmosphere of fear and panic so that people become reactionary.

5. Recruit as many public voices as possible to the case against the targeted leader and/or organization.

6. Continue to write and speak against the organization and its leadership. If this phase is successful, it will render the leader and organization incapable of effectively executing its mandate from heaven. The ministry will be taken down, and its influence will be left in tatters.

The steps that Carolyn and Loren ultimately took

1. Carolyn became one of my closest friends. We did many podcasts together. I invested countless hours over a period of years into her, to pray with her, and to minister deliverance and inner healing to her. Eventually, I invited her to be part of the board of BRIDE Ministries because I wanted to have a trusted survivor to provide perspective on the decisions we were making. She had the hearts of many that had connected to the ministry because of her testimony and blog. In all of this, I believe she was very genuine. This may be my naivety, but even now I do not believe that either of us were aware of dormant programming that would eventually get triggered. This is not an accusation that she was knowingly infiltrating the organization from day 1. Nonetheless, point 1 was achieved.

a. Get close to the leadership or become a leader yourself within the targeted organization.

2. On October 31st, 2016 I received a text from Carolyn while I was on my way back from a short trip to California to meet with a friend at a church conference. It was followed up with a phone call during which she was agitated, suggesting she was “leaving BRIDE Ministries”. The following day I received a text saying she was going to divorce herself from BRIDE Ministries, which was followed up by more communication efforts on my behalf to address her concerns. (I later realized that this is when dormant programming began to be triggered.) She brought accusation to me regarding a gentleman I had hosted on my podcast and a beloved woman, named Darla, who has blessed the lives of many survivors connecting with our organization. I offered to take the offending podcast down until we could have more dialogue. When I attempted to arrange a conversation between me, her and Darla she refused. No amount of reasonable effort that I made to address her concerns were acknowledged or received, and the few conversations we had were circular, frantic, and inconsequential. This, looking back, was evidence that a dormant program had been triggered, flinging her into a state of manipulated consciousness.

3. The following weekend, without notice, she publicly posted an article on her blog saying she was divorcing herself from BRIDE Ministries. She posted it while I was speaking at a conference in Tennessee. At that time, she was still a member of the board of BRIDE Ministries. She did not consult with any of the other board members before making this move. She immediately began to share this initial article through private Facebook messages to many of our common friends to raise as much controversy as possible. In this, point 2 was achieved.

a. Bring accusation against the man or woman of God at the head of the ministry and promote slander and gossip against them.

4. This initial post was made during one of my messages at the conference she knew I was going to be speaking at that weekend. Even now I ask: Why did the post have to go up at that time? Looking back, if she was operating from a place of sound mindedness and a foundation of friendship and trust that had been established through countless hours of conversation that occurred over a period of years, it is hard to argue that this is a reasonable course of action. Do people really betray their friends and associates like this without outside influence? Again, she was still on the board of our ministry as she was beginning to attack. She went from bringing accusation against people I was associated with, to accusing people firmly connected to BRIDE Ministries, to ultimately making the entire conversation a direct attack against me.

5. As she came out publicly against me, she did not request to speak at a board meeting about her alleged concerns, nor would she agree to civil conversations about her alleged concerns. She never submitted a formal resignation apart from her public statements. During the first weekend of November, when she released her first blog article against me, she immediately began accusing me of sending threatening texts to her. This happened via social media as I tried to ask her about the article she had written via private texts. She had written, released, and promoted an article that people were suddenly asking me about, with good reason, because it suggested there were some deeply concerning things about me and our ministry. She would not answer my phone calls, she would not be civil, and she used my efforts to text her as further accusation against me. There was no availability for reconciliation. When I realized that any communication with her would be misrepresented and used in her case against me, I promptly stopped reaching out. This concluded our communications. By this point, I surmise that the program to take down BRIDE Ministries was fully activated.

6. She continued to use Facebook to private message my employees, close affiliates, friends, the BRIDE Ministries survivor community, and even people that I was loosely connected with. She sent them her slander, libel, and eventually her slanderous videos against me and BRIDE Ministries. In this, she continually created ultimatums for anyone that responded back to her or tried to better understand her, suggesting that if they wanted to be responsible, they had to get away from me and our ministry as fast as possible. This was reported to me by numerous individuals including my own employees at the time. In this, point 3 was achieved.

a.Try to take as many people as possible out of agreement with the leader over the organization, urging them to leave with or without an actual solution as to what they should do.

7. She went after survivors in our community to try and recruit them to her cause. She first went after Eleyna, who was still my client at the time, and who had done several profound programs on my podcast. At first, Eleyna believed Carolyn’s accusations and responded by publicly leaving BRIDE Ministries as well. Not too long afterwards, she realized what Carolyn was doing and decided to stop cooperating. When Carolyn couldn’t get her to follow in her path, she turned on Eleyna, attacking her publicly as well. The stress of everything drove Eleyna into a very dark place and she got incredibly sick. In her own words, she was “left devasted”. Carolyn continued to accuse everyone that did not immediately separate themselves from BRIDE Ministries, suggesting that they were wrong or deceived because they were not hearing and responding to what she called “the truth.” The accusation was that I was unreasonable, deceptive, and could not be trusted under any circumstances. The information always came with an ultimatum. She then made the official statement that anything I said that was contrary to what she claimed was “the truth” were “lies.” In her mind, she had all the truth, and I had all the lies. She was right, I was wrong. She was good, I was bad. This is pure black/white thinking often associated with programming. She then evaded all accountability by disabling comments on the slander and libel she published to various platforms such as Facebook, her personal blog, and eventually YouTube. This, of course, was to ensure that no one could be seen publicly disagreeing with her. Then she connected with Loren Grace and recruited her to be an associate against me and BRIDE Ministries. By this time, point 4 was achieved.

a. Make the case against the leadership an ultimatum and force people to make a choice while providing no room for reconciliation with the leader. Paint a portrait of the leader that is beyond redemption and beyond hope. Generate an atmosphere of fear and panic so that people become reactionary.

8. Together, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace assembled a slanderous article accusing me of all sorts of terrible things such as being a Luciferian, a practitioner of witchcraft, a teacher of heresies, a cult leader, and an abusive coach. Not only did they attack me, but they published private emails between them and Dr. Rob Ruckert and Dr. Bailey without permission to try and strengthen their case and promote division. They wrote many half-truths as they assembled a case against me, concluding that the only sensible thing anyone could do after reading their libel about me was to get as far away from our ministry as possible. Again, this reflects the ultimatum. This blog remains published on the internet, waiting to be found by any skeptic that would otherwise connect with our tools or ministry. To it, a negative testimony page was added, achieving point 5.

a. Recruit as many public voices as possible to the case against the targeted organization.

9. After a number of people were swayed, they continued to make videos and write articles, ultimately composing a book, making it their platform to take down the platform of BRIDE Ministries. In the process they brought accusation against many fruit-bearing leaders in the body of Christ, naming individuals that they neither had personal knowledge of nor experience with, but who they grouped into a massive accusation against leaders in the body of Christ. They continue to publish any material they can secure from others to strengthen their case. Though radically unsuccessful, they continue to pursue point 6.

a. Continue to write and speak against the organization and its leadership. If this phase is successful, it will render the leader and organization incapable of effectively executing its mandate from heaven. The ministry will be taken down, and its influence will be left in tatters.

Carolyn clearly followed a proven strategy to destroy a ministry from the inside. She used proven techniques in order to introduce division and brought Loren Grace in as her partner.

Some scriptures to consider

There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing. (Proverbs 12:18)
These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren. (Proverbs 6:16-19)
Bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. (Colossians 3:13)
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. (John 13:34)
Moreover, if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’ And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector. (Matthew 18:15-17)
In the process of all that transpired, Carolyn broke my heart because I considered her a very close friend. I had grown to love both her and Loren Grace as sisters in Christ that I believed to be incredibly brave for the healing journeys that they took. Nonetheless, they did many things that were simply not right, and now I will address a few things that I believe deserve to be confronted.

Offences of Carolyn Hamlett

1. Carolyn brought false accusation against Darla Guerra, who is one of the most loving and compassionate women of God I have met, and publicly bullied and slandered her. This was not right.

2. Carolyn denounced her longstanding friend Karolyn Otlewski as a deceiver trying to gain influence by using her name. Karolyn was a supporter and prayer warrior for Carolyn Hamlett long before I met her. She was also a huge blessing to other survivors that had connected with BRIDE Ministries.

3. Carolyn broke fellowship with every survivor that didn’t break fellowship with me, accusing them of being cowards and of leading other survivors into deception, creating massive confusion in the survivor community with her ultimatums.

4. She forced us to call a meeting to vote her off the board because she didn’t follow Godly protocol in respectably resigning from the board of BRIDE Ministries. Is this really the fruit of a sound-minded, Christian woman of God whose actions are entirely inspired by the Holy Spirit? No. This is not how the Holy Spirit works.

Offences of Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

1. They took private communications between themselves and men of God (Dr. Preston Bailey and Dr. Rob Ruckert) and published them without permission. This was done with the agenda to establish discord between me and men that I loved and respected.

2. They assembled many half-truths and distortions of information and continually rewrote and reworded their libel to try and form the most potent case against me and BRIDE Ministries.

3. They brought accusation against men and women of God, many of which have fruit-bearing ministries. Some of those they attacked are personal friends of mine that I respect and admire. In addressing their actions, I am standing up for those that I believe should be respected and honored. The Bible is clear to not touch the Lord’s anointed and to do His prophets no harm.

4. A year and a half later, they continue to make their platform entirely dedicated to the attack of ministries they do not theologically agree with. Posting not only their slander and libel, but anything they receive from others that will strengthen their case.

The Testimony of BRIDE Ministries

While it didn’t feel good to get betrayed, attacked, and slandered, God worked all things together for good. In the beginning, it was hard. Within a few months of the attacks, our financial support dried up as many of our supporters were struggling with whether to trust me and BRIDE Ministries. Many people walked away or went on the fence to see what would happen. Thus, with reduced funding, I could no longer afford to pay staff or to continue to support as many survivor healing journeys as we had committed to. At one point, we only had $600 in the ministry bank account. This was an all-time low for the ministry. I had to personally put thousands of dollars of my own money into BRIDE on top of my tithes just to prevent the organization from failing to pay out our financial obligations. The mandatory financial cut backs ultimately led to the dissolution of my entire staff and a lot of hurt feelings. Whereas at one point I had 3 staff members and several contractors, things transitioned to a place where I had to do the day in and day out duties entirely by myself. This did not include the production of The Fire Place Church services, but did include the podcast, the Fire Place Church live-stream, and the incredible amount of one-on-one coaching hours I was committed to.

Things didn’t go this way very long before Christian, who was at that time my fiancé, stepped up and began to help with the business component of BRIDE Ministries. She also began to help with fielding the emails that would come into the organization. She volunteered in this capacity and began to rethink our systems from the ground up, diagnosing our inefficiencies and building a website that would present a much cleaner face to the organization while streamlining many functions and eliminating the need for a larger staff with better systems.

As time went on and it became clear to more and more people that the slander and libel against me and BRIDE Ministries was misguided, our podcast listenership increased significantly. We changed our approached to The Fire Place church and attendance doubled, and then doubled again. We reduced our spending through most of 2017, but with improving systems, we were able to offer more by spending less. Then, in the last part of the year, ministry finances blossomed as financial support began to pour into BRIDE Ministries as never before.
Currently, we have more reach, more influence, more resources, and more impact than at any other time in the history of this ministry. God is moving, and we get testimonies pouring in every week regarding the way Jesus is transforming the lives of those that have connected with our ministry and resources. Now, we are in the early stages of building the BRIDE Ministries Institute, which will be the platform through which we release the DID Coaching school that I have been vision casting for years. God’s favor is upon us, and with the recent release of my latest book, Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, the testimonies coming back to us have only increased.

In addition to this, many of the people that either accused me, question me, or walked away from me altogether have come back and apologized. We continued to receive testimonies detailing how the Lord personally revealed the true nature behind the inspiration of Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. I cannot count, nor do I care to tabulate, the number of times people have come to me with their revelations and discernment on the way the enemy manipulated and used these broken women. Most of those that didn’t come back around were people that created challenges at BRIDE Ministries. What I realized in hindsight was that God used the attacks to prune the organization so that we could be repositioned to grow in a much healthier way. At the end of the day, God worked all things together for the good.

Evidence of Their Bad Fruit

1. They attack the gifts of the spirit, yet these are clearly taught in 1 Corinthians 12. Many breakthroughs in inner healing and deliverance are secured by these gifts, including breakthroughs that each of them had experienced in the past.

2. They attack the Courts of Heaven, yet there are many biblical scenes depicting events occurring in heavenly courts in books such as Job chapters 1 and 2, Zechariah chapter 3, and Revelation chapter 5. This revelation has been a profound blessing in the lives of many believers and has produced great fruit. It has been applied to secure breakthroughs that are undeniably of God. This is a revelation that has been well established by many other credible, fruit-bearing ministers such as Rob Henderson.

3. They denounce spiritual warfare as unbiblical, which is merely religious programming that is designed to indoctrinate people into a powerless posture against the attacks of the enemy. This is very harmful to survivors and Christians in general. The Bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the tearing down of strongholds for a reason. In Mark 16, it is written that we shall cast out demons. In Ephesians 6, it says we wrestle against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. They confuse God’s genuine and approved methods of engaging in biblical spiritual warfare with the enemy’s counterfeit methods of engaging the spirit realm. This is a major fixture of their continued libel and slander.

4. They attack the biblical doctrine concerning the spirit of man with twisted language, completely retelling their own testimonies to make their points. Many believers are connecting to their human spirits and beginning to come into alignment: spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). This concept is not original to me and has been well-established by others. They may not agree that we are created a triune man, but that is a theological debate, not a valid point by which to accuse others of teaching Luciferian doctrine. In fact, Carolyn once told me that in her experience in the evil organization, they did not teach a triune man, and did not distinguish the spirit from the soul. The Luciferian doctrine she received did not acknowledge a triune man, meaning that by denying the triune man and the spirit of man, she is pushing people into the belief system she was indoctrinated within the cult. This is a point worth stating for the record.

5. They came against partnering with Jesus in the process of ministry because of their overwhelming fear of being deceived by a false Jesus. This is by far the most telling source of their inspiration. If I’m not partnered with the True Jesus Christ, Yeshuah Hamashiach, I’m not doing ministry period.

Our Fruit Since the attack

1. We have continued to provide coaching opportunities for survivors that cannot afford it

2. We have continued to create prayer resources that help people to get the freedom and breakthroughs they are seeking out and make them available for free at

3. We have continued to produce podcasts that explore the mechanics of the spirit realm, answer people’s questions, and advance a platform that gives survivors a voice to the greater body of Christ

4. We have expanded the Fire Place Church and have experienced an increase in attendance

5. We have been blessed and financially repositioned as an organization allowing us to take on bigger projects and exploits for Jesus

6. We have established the BRIDE Ministries Institute

7. We have begun hosting monthly intercessory prayer meetings for the city of Dallas

8. We have continued to offer survivor support groups to healing survivors

9. We have released people to host weekly and bi-weekly groups through the ministry platform, empowering believers to step out in their gifts

10. We continue to create disciples of Jesus Christ and offer live trainings

Am I a Luciferian?

At the end of all of this the question may remain, what about all of the accusations regarding what Daniel teaches at BRIDE Ministries? What about his spirit man doctrine? What about the shining ones? Is he teaching heresy?

First, contrary to my accusers, I make my teachings public. While I will have conversations on topics I am not ready to teach with people those topics are relevant to, I do not have secret doctrines or teachings I reserve only for survivors that I am targeting with witchcraft.

Second, Carolyn and Loren are promoting a very different theology than I embrace. Plain and simple, we disagree, and I am okay with that. They are entitled to their opinions and views of scripture, but to accuse me deceiving others with Luciferian doctrine is a misplaced accusation. They do not believe in the reality of the Courts of Heaven, but I do and reference Job chapters 1 and 2, Zechariah chapter 3, Daniel chapter 7:9-10, and many other biblical references I won’t take the time to list. I have used the courts of heaven and seen the fruit that they can produce in the lives of believers trying to address complex problems in the spirit, and so have thousands of other believers. They do not believe in spiritual gifts, but I do, as they are clearly articulated in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. They do not believe in the triune nature of man, but I do as it is clearly articulated in 1 Thessalonians 5:23. They do not believe that people should work with Jesus in order to take their healing journey because they will end up working with a counterfeit Jesus that is actually a demon. I believe that there are demons that dress up like Jesus, and that people can work with the true Yeshua, who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is a balance and yes, discernment is required, but the Bible says in John 10:4 that His sheep know his voice, and they will follow him.

Third, I have been accused of teaching a Luciferian Doctrine on Shining Ones. According to their main article against me, they wrote:

“Carolyn has her own perspective to add, but to me, the entire affair with Duval boils down to this: the public “spirit man” teaching combined with the ungodly belief that it is “okay with God” if people are half-human and half-angel (Biblically, this human/angel hybrid came about because of fallen angels, and not something God was or is okay with…), led to the private “Shining Ones” theology, which has led to all other sorts of occult doctrines, including astral travel (in the guise of “spirit travel”),remote viewing (under the name, “seeing in the spirit”), casting spells and throwing around curses (in the name of “spiritual warfare” and “prayer”), sending forth demons to attack people (the demons are disguised as angels, and they are doing this, again, in the name of “spiritual warfare” and “prayer”), necromancy (this is something I will have to discuss another time, because there WAS necromancy going on in counseling, regardless of what Duval publicly says!), and all sorts of disgusting satanic practices that Christians should have nothing to do with.”

I will plainly address the “Shining Ones” accusation at this time. Did the subject of Shining Ones come up in sessions with Loren Grace? Yes. Did the subject of Shining Ones come up in sessions with other clients of mine? Yes. It’s true. This happened and continues to happen. I have no need to lie about this. I didn’t fully understand what the term Shining Ones even meant at the outset, and when it came up with multiple clients, it became a subject of conversation among certain survivors within our then strictly internet community.

I didn’t fully understand why the concept of the Shining Ones came up in certain survivors. When I raised the term with certain survivors, it had meaning and resonance, with other it didn’t. This holds true for many concepts I have explored that led to great breakthroughs. As something came up with one person, I would investigate it with another, and sometimes, one revelation could produce a series of breakthroughs. I could go through a long list of subjects that came up during sessions that I didn’t fully understand: I didn’t understand how the powers of darkness were cloning soul parts, I didn’t understand holographic technologies, I didn’t understand how gang-stalking could possibly make sense, and I didn’t understand how time travel could actually be possible. These are just a few examples of topics I have had to wrestle through, some of which have been addressed on my podcast. I was looking for answers, and I was journeying a path to answers with people that I loved, because my heart was to see them set free.

Since I didn’t arrive at a firm understanding of Shining Ones, I never publicly taught on it, and after a few months, stopped discussing it even with those that it had come up with. Before I had turned my attention from the subject, I had concluded that it had something to do with the coming plans of God for me and others, which was only shared with a small group of people to test the words. I also entertained data points that others provided and considered them, since I wasn’t the only one praying into the subject. Frankly, Loren Grace provided quite a few data points to me regarding the subject, which at the time she alleged were told to her by Jesus. When certain people, including Loren, began to take great offence regarding the subject, I stopped engaging in the conversation altogether and moved on to other things. Loren took pieces that I never fully put together, created her own narrative by mixing it with things she journaled on her own as she sought Jesus on the subject, and used it to accuse me of teaching heresy. Her conclusions are not mine, her explanations are not mine, and nowhere have I ever strung together the thoughts she has assembled regarding the Shining Ones and the occult practices this alleged heresy leads to. Yet, this is the centerpiece of her entire case against me.

I ultimately came to understand that there are two sides to the Shining Ones conversation, there is a Luciferian agenda around fallen beings that call themselves Shining Ones. This is the part of the conversation that Loren and Carolyn focus in on in order to make their accusations against me. The problem is that it is a moot point. I agree with their point. Frankly, these fallen Shining Ones even have a planet that a particular survivor visited during their programming and occult use. This was reported to me, and I believe the report. I am not deceived, and I do believe that there is a Luciferian agenda surrounding certain beings that call themselves Shining Ones.

Notwithstanding that point, I believe there is a God side to the conversation, as it is written, “Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3). Since those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the firmament according to the written Word of God, God certainly has an agenda for his own Shining Ones. This passage can have different placement depending on one’s eschatology, but my point is that for every satanic counterfeit, there is a Godly thing that has been perverted. I seek to remain balanced, reasonable, and yet continue to be a spiritual pioneer in Christ that secures breakthroughs for the precious and broken people God has connected to me. I don’t have to understand everything that gets brought to my attention. It is an impossible expectation to put on any person. I do not apologize for my fearlessness in pursuing things I don’t fully understand as I endeavor to see the children of God set free: children like Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett.

I am not a closet Luciferian.

Messages to Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

At this time, I am going to read a few messages from those that were directly attacked by Carolyn and Loren, so that their voices can be heard as well.

Dr. Preston Bailey

I am happy to see Daniel making a stand for those who desperately need ministry and have DID. I have been ministering to people with SRA/DID since 1983 and I have seen numerous Christian ministries like Bride Ministries infiltrated by members of Satanic Cults or the Illuminati. It has happened several times in my ministries and many have admitted that it was their job to destroy DID ministries, ministers, and their families.
It is my belief that this attack on Bride Ministries was planned long ago. I have known Daniel for many years and he has always been honest and patient. His patience is demonstrated in that he took a year and a half to respond to these malicious attacks. God has blessed Daniel even while the devil kept attacking him. The slander and lies against him and his ministry are from the devil and not God.

Karolyn Otlewski

I just want to say that these two women have forgotten love, the most important thing about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He always cares for and loves his brothers and sisters no matter what. Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace coldly and maliciously allowed the enemy to hurt and destroy deep bonds that God had forged between them and others. They did it without considering the feelings of others. They caused deep pain, grief, and sadness within our survivor community at that time. They wrote lies about multiple people, including myself, and posted these lies from the enemy knowing the truth their hearts. In my case, I was never empowered to speak directly to my accuser.

Carolyn, you refused to talk to me, and this action alone caused me deep pain and sorrow. I was crushed because I know that in my heart and actions towards you I never did anything to hurt you. Despite my intentions and actions, I was accused like a criminal of offences I never committed. I wasn’t given the opportunity to make things right because you refused to speak to me after your accusations were issued. For me, it has been a very long road and I have had to lay my pain in the Lord’s hands time and time again. I shed a ton of tears over this. I still cry today. Carolyn Hamlett, you left a hole in my heart, but I still love you, and I still pray for you.

Darla Guerra

I send greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Several years ago, I felt like I had to defend the Lord in what I thought was right. But He showed me that I was like Peter chopping off people’s ears with my sword. He told me to put away my sword and that He had called us to love people, not defend Him. So now, every-time I see something that is not right, or that I feel is wrong, I am gently reminded that He has called us to love people, in His example. When He saw people doing the wrong things, He didn’t lash out at them, spew hatred or call them names. He spoke in kindness, gentleness and love to show them the truth.

He also told me not to defend myself, because if I defended myself, then He could not defend me. He told me He wanted me to respond in love and a spirit of reconciliation. Every time someone would come to me and tell me the things that were being said about Bride Ministries, myself and others (although the words hurt me deeply) I chose to respond in love. I blessed you both, Carolyn and Loren Grace, because when I bless you, I say that I want it to be as GOD wants it to be. Love and the spirit of reconciliation is where I stand to this day. I love both of you ladies, I called you friends. I continue to pray for His peace and love in your hearts, above all else.

Request to Cease and Desist

While the initial attacks against me began in 2016, the shameful fact is that Carolyn and Loren haven’t stopped in this agenda even through the present time. I let out a sigh when I was informed that they had made comments on their website against the prayer class that we offered at BRIDE Ministries. In a more recent article, they detail that their entire book was written to essentially come against me, but they decided to generalize it since I was not the only one teaching “Luciferian doctrines” according to their opinion. It is one thing to state reasons for parting with an organization or group. It is another thing to continue to attack years later. What they are doing isn’t of God, plain and simple.

For all these things, Carolyn and Loren, I issue a public request for a cease and desist. Please feel free to encourage people to follow Jesus but make your focus on him, not on me and those that you disagree with.

For those that will hear this, I recognize that these broken women are not my enemies nor the enemies of BRIDE Ministries. The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. In this public address, I have laid out strong evidence to illustrate that they have carried out a programmed agenda to take down BRIDE Ministries because of injustices that have been perpetrated against them. I simply need to expose it and articulate it as part of my responsibility as a leader in the body of Christ. I have provided this response for those that continue to encounter their articles against me and other leaders in the body of Christ. Having said this, it is in your hands as the listener to judge the matter. I leave you with 1 Corinthians 6:2-3.

Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?

I bless those that have listened to this with clarity, wisdom, and discernment. Thank you.

Vision Statement
It is our vision to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of Sheep Nations.

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