9 thoughts on “Wars of the Stoicheion with Ruthie Andrews”

  1. Thx for this. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had some weird and very mysterious spiritual experiences. I’m glad i now hv a reference point for better interpretation.
    @33:00. I hv been to a place like that, there were strips of true-blue and red neon lights that seemed to divide the rows of seats… I just found myself there, already seated, so I don’t know how I got there.
    2. I hv seen an over 20floors giant eagle in a vision. It towered from my backyard to the skies. It then slowly lowered its head n lay it on my roof, all the while looking intently at me. I was not afraid, but thot it was a monitoring spirit and rebuked it. Maybe its my bloodline, lol.
    3. my tribe is the Agikuyu of Kenya. The name means ‘the people of the old fig tree’ gikuyu is an old (sycamore) fig tree. There’s talk that we r a lost tribe of Israel, lol, our traditions n beliefs hv rituals similar to those in the OT but some hv glaring variances. We hv a sacred tree called mugumo, also a type of fig tree, its fall makes headline news and sparks panic and fear and it should not even be touched, it fights back. The elders hv to do a cleansing ritual. I’m of God’s Kingdom and don’t subscribe to any of that stuff.
    Thx again, looking forward to another program with Ruthie.

  2. Funny, here in Hawaii, business , shopping centers that have been built over Hawaiian bones of people passed on..this business’ never do well, shut down, constant changing of hands. People see ghosts walking around the property..

  3. Pauline Wallace

    Wonderful. My intercession group often end up seeing similar things but certainly not to this level. This is such tremendous clarification, confirmation, and encouragement. I know we will have better eyes to see and ears to hear our assignments now. On an individual level I understand better why I have heard trees ask to join my worship. I wonder about the relationship between rocks and trees. I also have Rev 22:2 ” The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations” rolling non-stop through my head with a different understanding and application, each time. Thank you for your courage Dan and Ruthie. What amazing times we are in.

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