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Vaccination Exemption Template with logo

Vaccination Exemption Template


16 thoughts on “Vaccination Exemption Template”

  1. Look at God!! Right on time! I had just received an email from my employer today that unless we have an exemption, we would have to get vaccinated by Oct. 29th. Then I saw your email to this link. Thank you so much!!

  2. Thank you very much, just in time, my daughter is being forced to get the vax otherwise she will be without a job. I know God will not allow that, this is right on time

  3. Absolutely divine !!! I would rather resign and trust Jehovah Jireh wrt provision than taking the ‘so called’ live saving jab 😁 Thank you Daniel & Christian & babba🛐✝️🙏

  4. Thank you God for sharing your love, mercy,grace, hope and forgiveness through Bride Ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

  5. I’ve been looking at organizations to find a template or something of that sort to present when and if that time came, there it is! Brilliant! Thank you Bride Ministries.

    By the way I was on the waiting list for coaching and the devil duped me to get my name off of it. Now I’m realizing that your ministry might very well be the only one that understands the targeted SRI issues best than anyone I know in the deliverance arena. I’d like to add my name on your list for a session. Is your scholarship program still available by any chance?

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