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Prayer is an art form. Some may say that there is no wrong way to pray. Unfortunately, this is incorrect, and downright misleading. There are prayers that are effective, and there are prayers that are ineffective. This course is designed to train you in effective prayer.

This course will lay a powerful foundation for a powerful life of prayer that will carry you into an empowered ministry in Christ. In this course, you will learn the importance of praying the Word of God. You will learn how to construct effective prayers to engage specific situations. You will learn the keys that unlock the vast resources we have received in Jesus Christ, yet fail to walk in due to our own ignorance. This class is designed to explode a radical prayer life in you that will permanently shift your walk with God.

DISCLAIMER: BRIDE Ministries International limits registration of our FREE 8-week courses to one class per person. It is our vision to create healthy and safe community for all who desire attendance. Limiting the classes allows for more people to interact with each other and our moderators, increasing the BrideTribe fruit! Thank you for your policy compliance.

Registration is CLOSED for SPRING 2022! Please fill out the form below to receive email updates concerning FALL 2022 registration information.

7 thoughts on “Unlocking the Mystery of Prayer | Led by Ramona & Esther”

    1. Elizabeth Valero

      Hi Will, Our Spring 8 Week Course Registration has already closed but you can sign up for our Fall 8 Week Course for Unlocking the Mystery of Prayer in the box above !

      Blessings !

  1. Hi! I think I’m signed up for this class. Correct? If so, how do I make sure I don’t miss it this evening. Is it a Zoom meeting?

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