Ruthie Andrews joins Dan Duval for another intense program, this time on the subject of stoicheion. In the Bible, this is the Greek word that is translated to the English word elements. In western thinking, elements are understood as inanimate components of nature. In the Bible, there is more to the story. This podcast will work to ground out a missing piece to the worldview of most believers. While this program pushes the edge, if you listen carefully, you will likely find dots beginning to connect. If nothing else, you will find it fascinating. Don’t miss it! You can find Ruthie at

2 thoughts on “Stoicheion, Elementals and Rudiments with Ruthie Andrews”

  1. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for feeding us with all this information.

    Please upload your prayer ( that you wrote) on freedom from earth systems, on your website sooon !

    Thank you.


  2. Dorothy N Mitchell

    I have a small testimony as a result of this podcast. Ten or twenty minutes from the end of the podcast, I started to get a migraine attack (lightning across the right side of my vision and sensitivity to light etc….), and had to leave work. I called my mother, I described the podcast, and together we figured out that actually some elemental hitchhikers popped up that had to be dealt with. Once we addressed them, reminded them of their purpose, and persuaded them to move on peacefully, or in some cases blessed them, the migraine dissolved. We must have dealt with five or so in total. I had to stick my hand under a running faucet for one, because it was ready to leave but just couldn’t seem to find the way out, and I guess the water helped it. I couldn’t believe it. (Still trying to wrap my mind around it.) Mind you, I do get migraines maybe once a year, but I felt the timing was suspicious; sometimes my body’s pains are a signal that something spiritual or internal requires my attention. This wasn’t the first time I have heard teaching about elementals, but I think it was the first time I grasped it enough to get an idea of how to interact effectively.

    Then my mom listened to the podcast herself and even before the podcast ended she got stuck with blurry vision. It turns out that this elemental belonged to a column cloud that we once witnessed hovering over the northern Sierra Nevada mountains (near Mt. Shasta) as we were driving through them one year – it was such a smooth and strange and bizarre-looking cloud that we all wondered if it could have been a UFO. . . . In fact, I have the photo somewhere. It looks so strange it doesn’t look real (aside from the fact that I have no idea how such an appearance could be faked). So finally we know what that was!

    So this is just to say: this podcast really stirred stuff up. It was really powerful and unexpected! And maybe should come with a heads-up warning, haha! 😛

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