Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry – Dr. Ron Horner


Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry by Dr. Ron Horner

Few organizations in human history have integrated themselves at every level of society like Freemasonry. Men (and women in certain sectors) take oaths to demon gods that bind them, their families, and their future generations to covenants and verdicts that bring destruction on their entire bloodlines. The insidious nature of how these organizations — the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, Shriners and their many offshoots and entanglements (including the Illuminati) were borne in the councils of Hell. This book will help unveil the false verdicts that empower the resulting curses that, on every level of one’s life, bring ultimate destruction or fear of destruction. The oaths have bound once honest men to dishonesty, treachery and even murder. Outsiders, who look at the various oaths and entanglements often wonder what would make men take oaths such as those required by Freemasonry — why would otherwise sensible men do so?

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