Get ready for an adventure into the Word of God that will again push the boundaries of how we understand God, the creation, and our role in his eternal plan.

Essence is a term that has been used for and defined as life-force, but what does this mean in the context of biblical revelation? Why does the Bible say that in Jesus Christ is life, and that life is the light of men? Moreover, why is that the last enemy to be defeated is death?

Essence is an extraordinary concept, that once understood, becomes a bridge to understanding the overarching narrative of the battle between life and death. It becomes a key to understanding how and why the manifesting sons of God will work to deliver the creation into our glorious liberty. Essence and the battle between life and death will take your cosmology and understanding of the plan of God to the next level. This is the game-changer you do not want to miss!

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  1. Tallinlane Tartus

    This is a google translation from an article from the literary critic Vissarion Belinsky (1811 – 1848), he talks about life and death.

    But what is this “life”? We know the processes of the human body, we know that the life of a person is in his body, that it continues along with the circulation of blood in his veins and stops with the cessation of blood circulation; but we also know that our organism is not a machine that, like a clock, is started or stopped by a certain wheel or a certain organ. And the further we delve into the mystery of the organism, the closer we seem to be to the mystery of life, the further we actually get from it, the more elusive it will be for us. But the dead are also among the living, just as the living are among the dead, for as life is for an animal, so is death for a man; what life is for the Iroquois is death for the European; what is life is for a slave of worldly needs and usefulness, who sees nothing further than satisfying the needs of hunger and pocket or petty vanity, it is death is for a thinking and feeling person. And what exists in an idea is expressed in forms: look at what an animal face this person has, with sleepy and cloudy eyes, with an apathetic expression – fat, obsessed with shortness of breath, just now eating heavily – and look at what fire black eyes sparkle this thin, pale-faced man, what mobility in his physiognomy, what passion in his voice! Isn’t it true that the first one is a dead man; the other is full of life? But life is infinitely diverse in its manifestations. The tiger is full of life in comparison with the tortoise, but his life is still purely organic, animal; its source is hot blood, abundant electrical nerves. So in another person there is a lot of life, but this life does not conquer you with an irresistible charm, and you are ready to say to it: In it, do not look for a sign of heaven in vain: Now the blood boils, then there is an excess of strength! Rather, exhaust your life in worries, Spill the poisoned drink!

    An infinite distance separates the man of passion from the man of feeling; but an even greater distance separates a person who has remained with one immediate feeling, from a person in whom the slavish instinct, even if of noble inclinations, has passed into a free consciousness, whose feeling is enlightened by thought. Nowhere is life so much life as in the sphere of spiritual interests and rational consciousness, which move the will of man and support its inexhaustible activity: this is the most magnificent flower of life, its highest development, its highest stage, this is life by excellence; in comparison with it, every other, lower degree of life is real death. But life is always life, no matter how it manifests itself, no matter what stage of development it stands at. The distance separating the spiritual life of a genius from the unconscious phenomena of nature is immeasurable, but even in nature, even at the lowest stages of its development, life is a holy and great mystery. The human spirit with boundless ecstasy listens to the vegetation of the valley vine, to the underwater course of the marine reptile, to the rustle of leaves swayed on a hot afternoon by a summer breeze: it recognizes its kinship with them; he senses an invisible presence in them, hears in them the breath of the same immortal spirit of life, which, like the fire of Prometheus, lives his own existence. For a living person, nature is everywhere with a soul: he hears her voice in the silent formation of metals, in the mysterious laboratory of the bowels of the earth, and the howling of the wind – there, at the poles, in the realm of eternal winter and death, on the ringing ice, uplifting fluffy blizzards;
    Article comes from

  2. Tallinlane Tartus

    Correction: Should be in translation
    An infinite distance separates the man of DESIRE from the man of feeling;

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