Deliverance Prayers

Spiritual objects are regularly encountered when the spirit realm begins to be accurately discerned. Spiritual objects can be hooks, gadgets, pieces of technology, implants, wires, computers, and more. They can also be knives, axes,
Dealing with high-level witches and warlocks that are heavily vested in your manipulation, control, and destruction can be extraordinarily difficult to overcome. In the book Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, two prayers were
To choose Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we must believe that he is the only begotten Son of the Father. When he came to earth, he was born of a virgin, being
The Kabbalah Tree has been articulated by Jewish mysticism. It contains what is believed to be the pattern for man, as well as for the design of the creation. Unfortunately, many people that have
Trans-human and post-human agendas are here, and they aren’t going away. Part of these agendas include the push to merge humanity with synthetic technologies. Taking it a step further, this has placed people under
Trans-human and post-human agendas are here, and they aren’t going away. Part of these agendas include the push to merge humanity with synthetic technologies. For individuals who have been part of certain projects, we
Some of the most difficult deliverances involve human persecutors, particularly when a person has been through satanic ritual abuse or high-level cult programming, such as Illuminati programming. There will be key handlers, programmers, abusers,
Fallen Heavenly Powers can include fallen angels as well as other categories of evil beings. This prayer is designed to break the interface between you and the entity. Separating from a fallen angel’s influence
Discovering that Deliverance could be executed from entire Councils in the Kingdom of Darkness was one of the greatest breakthroughs we experienced, particularly when it came to finding prayers that were effective for Targeted
It can be difficult to explain to people why they will find that their DNA is woven into earth systems. As you will see, this includes geographical locations, corporations, secret societies, mountains, valleys, and
This prayer is extensively detailed and oddly titled. The truth is that there may be times when we come across something that seems to claim so many rights and legalities over a person that
Unfortunately, the revelation that our inheritance in Christ includes stars that our human spirits will interact with is not common knowledge. Until Jesus began unlocking this in our ministry, this entire realm of revelation
Collapsing evil timelines is required for almost every human on the planet. The basic idea is that God has books that he has written about us, detailing the many things that he has planned
When it comes to surface-level deliverance, we employ a simple 5-step process to getting people free. These five steps are 1.) Confess, 2.) Repent, 3.) Renounce, 4.) Bind, and 5.) Cast Out. The basic
Land is a subject that is important to God. Just like mankind has been defiled through sin and iniquity, so has land. This is why God wants men cooperate with him so that he
In today’s world, the argument that abortion should remain legal because it is the women’s right to choose has opened the door to an epidemic. Each year hundreds of thousands of children are slaughtered in abortion
Grids are quantum networks of energy pathways intersecting at nodal points (each nodal point being its own realm) and performing functions related to the iniquity that undergirds them and the powers of darkness that
Black Goo is an increasing problem, presenting itself for many people that consider themselves Targeted Individuals, but for others as well. It is often seen from the spirit and looks like black tar that
For those that are in deep bondage, they will find that their DNA is woven into the constellations. As constellations are composed of a group of heavenly bodies, this prayer employs unique language that
It is not uncommon for individuals that are navigating a great degree of brokenness to also have battles with suicidal ideation. Sometimes the pain becomes so great that the most reasonable solution can appear